Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IT energy efficiency -- the book

I just received the latest book (yes, an actual printed book) written by my buddy Greg Schulz. (No, this isn’t a plug for a book from my buddy – Greg is a well-known storage industry analyst and founder of storageio.com.)

Although Greg is known primarily for his storage knowledge, The Green and Virtual Data Center (from CRC Press) covers energy efficiency and virtualization across all areas of IT. This is essential reading for any IT manager that is serious about “going green.” (According to Greg’s research, only about 5% to 10% of IT organizations have a green initiative, need or mandate, although 75% to 85% cite problems such as reliable availability of electrical power and limits on cooling capacities and floor space.)

Some of the broader technologies covered in the 376-page book include energy and cost footprint reduction, cloud-based storage and computing, managed services, intelligent power management and adaptive power management, blade centers and servers, virtualization and tiering (of servers, storage and networks), data reduction, compression, data de-duplication, energy avoidance, and many others, including storage-specific technologies such as MAID (massive array of idle disks) and thin provisioning.

Check it out here.

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